To date we have undertaken the following exploration activities:

  • Aeromagnetic surveys to identify potential concentrations of magnetic iron

  • 2D seismic surveys to understand the subsurface geology

  • Over 700 shallow drill samples (< 11m deep) from 871 km2 drilled area

  • 17 deep drill holes up to 35m deep

  • The processing and assaying of over 3,700 samples

  • The identification and resource modelling of a minable resource for initial extraction.

Over February and March 2014 we will be undertaking shallow drill sampling click below for more information on reverse circulation drilling.

Reverse Circulation Drilling PDF

Samples are processed at our Pilot Processing Plant in Porirua.

Some of the advancements we have made using our Pilot Processing Plant include:

  • Separation of the iron ore concentrate from the sediment through magnetic separation and grinding

  • No chemicals or heat required in the process

  • Seawater is used during the processing

  • Plant efficiency of ~92% of magnetic iron recovered.

Simplified Drilling and Sampling Process