Offshore iron ore has the potential to become one of New Zealand's most valuable revenue exports. There is long-term sustainable international demand and the Taranaki region is fortunate to have a vast resource.

The sea and shorelines of Taranaki are precious to the people of the region and, consistent with our values, we recognise that earning the trust and confidence of communities is vital. Our commitment is to answer questions openly, make information accessible so people can weigh up the facts, to be transparent in our relationships with communities and to deliver on our commitments.

Understandably, people want to know in what ways our operation will benefit Taranaki. Precise details of staffing numbers will not be finalised until the detailed planning stage occurs once resource consent is gained. However, we will be recruiting up to 200 people - to operate the integrated mining vessel (IMV) and transfer vessels, plus further staff in support roles onshore.

The project will be best served by recruiting and training as many of these as possible from Taranaki near where our operations will be. We will be providing high-quality training in transferrable skills, new expertise and experience, generating many new career opportunities.

Operational costs, including salaries and provisioning services and supplies will mostly be spent in the Taranaki district for as long as the company operates in the area. We are already working with local engineers on providing engineering and maintenance services. The New Zealand Institute of Economic Research estimates the project will raise regional GDP by 3% and create around 170 further indirect jobs throughout the rest of the Taranaki region.

Nationally, the project will also provide benefits through export revenue, taxes, and royalties.

We are actively consulting with local communities, including iwi groups, to ensure the project will provide tangible, sustainable benefits for the region. This includes looking at the best ways to target local recruitment and how we can support local community projects.

We are committed to leaving an enduring positive legacy for the community from our temporary operations in the region.